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GRASPP Beyond!

Our new podcast is starting to come together! Finally!

The new episodes of GRASPP Beyond will begin broadcasting the first Wednesday of every month! The first show will air about 7 pm /7:30 pm due to production training, then a dedicated time will be scheduled for future episodes. Investigators Mike Powers and Kathy Clark will host the show live each month with entertaining guests and information for investigators and paranormal fans alike. Wayne Thomas and Brandon Hoezee from the Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters podcast will be our first guests.   

The GRASPP Beyond show will then be live on our facebook page and then posted on the WKTV page, then posted on the GRASPP website, YouTube and Vimeo pages so you can watch the show whenever you want.

If there is a guest, show topic or comment you'd like to submit please send them to [email protected]


Audio #1