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GRASPP Beyond!

Our new podcast has hit a few bumps, but she will be back as soon as we can find the perfect recording location. Please check back soon!

The newest episodes of GRASPP Beyond will begin broadcasting soon. Investigators Mike Powers and Kathy Clark will host the show each month with entertaining guests and information for both investigators and paranormal fans alike. 

The GRASPP Beyond show will then be posted on our Facebook page and our GRASPP website, YouTube and other venues will also be announced.

If there is a guest, show topic, or comment you'd like to submit to the GRASP Beyond show, please send them to [email protected] 


Audio #1

Here is our premiere episode of GRASPP Beyond! We are here with Mike and Kathy who are talking with Brandon from Kent County Paranormal and Wayne Thomas, (NO not that guy from Wendy's restaurants), of Grand Rapids Paranormal.

In episode 2 we have Kathy and Mike talking with Raymond "Taffy" Williams. Taff is a certified driver, ex-special forces, ex-TV bounty hunter, filmmaker and cameraman, and a paranormal investigator for GRASPP. Tonight's discussion - paranormal diving!

In this episode of GRASPP Beyond, Mike talks with Brandon Hoezee from Kent County Paranormal and Bill Jones from GRASPP about their recent Bigfoot expedition with the UPBSRO (Upper Peninsula Bigfoot Sasquatch Research Organization) in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.