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GRASPP is proud to promote Para-Unity throughout the paranormal community!

Ever since our beginnings when we were shunned by another group because we had questions, we promised ourselves to never be that way! We work hard to help other groups, with all levels of experience, with their investigations, events, team  management, trainings and whatever they may need. If we can all work together & learn together we will be able to collect stronger evidence! We believe that this is the future of the paranormal fields and we are working towards that goal together!

This page will hold posting for us and others who are working on this goal. With our first Paranormal Summit under our belts, we will be posting other events for paranormal groups to get involved with and designed to help us reach closer to Para-Unity!

Keep watching this page as I prepare to post videos and other awesome things from the summt.

Paranormal Summit

Estes EVP session

During our first Paranormal Summit onboard the SS City of Milwaukee we held an Estes EVP session that was quite extreme. This video contains adult language! Several teams were involved in the summit and this session and we were all surprised about this played out.

Groups working towards

Para-Unity today!

G.R.A.S.P.P. - Grand Haven, MI.

MAPIT - Traverse City, MI.

Kent County Paranormal - Kentwood, MI.

Lakeshore Paranormal - Muskegon, MI.

Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters - Grand Rapids, MI.

More Paranormal Summits to come!

We invite your group to get involved

At our first Paranormal summit it was decided to meet four times a year. We are currently working on guidelines for more teams to join us in this exciting program to promote Para-Unity. We will be announcing those guidelines soon. If you work in the paranormal fields and want to be involved, keep checking back or contact us or a summit member team on who you can get involved.

We want paranormal teams, researchers, experts and authors who are interested in promoting and developing a stronger paranormal community.