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GRASPP is proud to promote Para-Unity throughout the paranormal community!

Ever since our beginnings when we were shunned by another group because we had questions, we promised ourselves to never be that way! We work hard to help other groups, with all levels of experience, with their investigations, events, team  management, trainings and whatever they may need. If we can all work together & learn together we will be able to collect stronger evidence! We believe that this is the future of the paranormal fields and we are working towards that goal together!

This page will hold posting for us and others who are working on this goal. Soon we will be posting events for a paranormal summit designed to help us reach closer to Para-Unity!

Please keep a close watch to this page as we grow.

Paranormal Summit on board the S.S. City of Milwaukee

This event has sold out! Thank you!

Paranormal teams across the globe have been investigating the things that go bump in the night for generations! Many have become experts in different parts of paranormal research. Awesome! Except that very few teams are investigating or collecting evidence in the same way. This can damage any evidence or proof they come across and inaccurately prove or disprove the claims the are trying to make.

The scientific communities, police and investigative specialists all have specific procedures and techniques they use to create the proof they are looking for. As paranormal experts, we need to look at these fields and learn to work together to be able to show solid evidence of our claims of paranormal activity.

If your paranormal group would like to learn how we can all work together and build better evidence with stronger unity in the paranormal community, well, we want to invite you to join us on the SS City of Milwaukee in Manistee MI. for the first paranormal summit designed by paranormal teams to benefit all paranormal teams.

The Paranormal Summit (which is a temporary name) is a new type of paranormal operation focusing on unity, cooperation, and advancement in the fields of paranormal research. Our goal is to help establish paranormal teams that can work together and share skills and other resources, so that all of the groups can learn and grow. This is the best way to truly define and present quality evidence to the world.

Our first Paranormal Summit has been scheduled for June 5th, 6th, and 7th 2020. There will be a couple of lectures on the purpose of the summit and other paranormally related topics on Saturday, June 6th. Your group will have access to investigate the S.S. City of Milwaukee (possibly two nights), you will get to sleep on this historic ship with many reports of paranormal events.

One-night ticket - For the low cost of $60.00 per person, you can come on board at 10a.m. on Saturday. This will get you any lectures, lunch and dinner, a ghost hunt on the ship Saturday night, and a bed for the night.

Weekend ticket - For the low cost of $110.00 (just an additional $50.00 more), you can board the ship on Friday afternoon, tour the ship at your leisure, and pick your berth for the weekend.(An opportunity to investigate on Friday night may also be possible.) The weekend check-in will begin at 3:00p.m. on Friday, and your weekend will end at noon on Sunday.

There are only about 25 spaces still available for this entire event! Spaces will go fast so don’t delay in reserving your spot to learn, participate, investigate and become part of this new paranormal operation!

Groups working towards

Para-Unity today!

G.R.A.S.P.P. - Grand Haven, MI.

MAPIT - Traverse City, MI.

Kent County Paranormal - Kentwood, MI.

Lakeshore Paranormal - Muskegon, MI.

Beacon's Of Light Paranormal Society - Nunica, MI.

Grand Rapids Ghost Hunters - Grand Rapids, MI.