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S.S. City of Milwaukee, "2019 World's Largest Ghost Hunt" Investigation

Dan and Barry try to understand some images during the investigation using a form of ITC (Inter Trans-dimensional Communication).


Here is an interview with Dan Mackin from M.A.P.I.T. (Michigan Area Paranormal Investigative Team) out of the Traverse City, MI. area. The interview took place on the S.S. City of Milwaukee docked in Manistee, MI.

Dan was interviewed by Taff Williams of G.R.A.S.P.P.

S.S. City of Milwaukee, 2019 World's Largest Ghost Hunt Investigation

This video was recorded during our pre-tour of the S.S. City of Milwaukee before the event started. Beth, From M.A.P.I.T., was showing us one of the active locations known on the ship.

Cadillac Investigation - "Possible Apparition"

During our investigation of a home in Cadillac, MI. belonging to one twin from a double investigation, we captured this video clip. We tried to recreate it without success. Is it a reflection or is it something else, we are not sure.

This video has had our group split on a definition as to if it's paranormal or not!

Must Love Dogs - "Security Camera Event"

This is the actual footage from the Must Love Dogs store security camera. This event took place about 1 1/2 hours after we gave the store owner the results from our first investigation. We were not able to exactly re-create or find a logical explanation for this event.

Must Love Dogs - "possible sigh"

During another investigation of Must Love Dogs, one of our investigators hears a sigh. We caught this sound on camera at about 40 seconds into this clip. The IR lights malfunctioned on this camera so the video portion was lost and we did not catch the problem right away. FYI, The IR light has worked properly evanescence this event.

Must Love Dogs - "Save Us"

​While discussing the relationship of one of our investigators to one of the past owners of the building, an EVP was captured. At that same time, one of the investigators also had a personal experience.